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by Diane Murray

For anyone interested in performance events, the hardest thing seems to be getting started. Where do you go, who do you ask, when do you start? I'd thought I'd note my thoughts on getting started in agility. I've always found Deerhound people to be very helpful, so if you're interested please don't hesitate to contact anyone who participates in any activity you're interested in - we've all been beginners at some point.

There are a few deerhounds with agility titles. It's great fun, but off lead control of your dog is a key component, so some obedience work is highly recommended (some clubs require it). Starting early is a good idea with the large dogs but don't overdo the jumping. I started mine at 9 months when she could still easily go through the tunnels. This a NOT an activity to do on your own unless you have some experience so finding a class and/or club is a necessity.

The Match Show Bulletin is a monthly newsletter of obedience and breed matches, agility events, seminars, club listings. Very useful publication. Contact Myrna Lieber, PO Box 214, Massapequa, NY 11758, 516-541-3442, Current annual subscription is $29.

Go HERE to find an AKC agility club near you.

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