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by Diane Murray

For anyone interested in performance events, the hardest thing seems to be getting started. Where do you go, who do you ask, when do you start? I'd thought I'd note my thoughts on getting started in obedience. I've always found Deerhound people to be very helpful, so if you're interested please don't hesitate to contact anyone who participates in any activity you're interested in - we've all been beginners at some point.

For myself, as a beginning obedience person, joining an obedience club was the easiest way to start. Obedience clubs are listed in the AKC Gazette, the Match Show Bulletin and can be found on the internet, although I don't know the exact sites. The advantage of joining a club is that you'll hear about upcoming shows and seminars and have a continuing progression of classes. Deerhounds are capable of being very good in obedience but require commitment. The general consensus is to start early, 12 weeks for some. I waited to start my older one until after she finished her breed championship and should have started sooner. Some dogs are ready earlier than others, anyone who's done obedience can help with determining when to start an individual dog. The following are some of the resourses I've found:


Dog Training Club of Chester County PA
Academy of Dog Training & Agility DE
Hilltown Dog Training Club PA 484-437-4207
Mason & Dixon KC MD
Canine Training Assoc. MD 301-864-1647
Capital Dog Training MD
Dauphin Dog Training Club PA
Old Dominion Kennel Club VA
Oriole Dog Training Club VA 410-298-5959
Suburban Dog Training Club PA
Wonder Dogs NJ

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